HMAS Canberra

This site is dedicated to all Royal Australian Navy and Australian Defence Force personnel who have served in HMAS CANBERRA.


HMAS CANBERRA (1) D 33 from the 9th of July 1928 until she was sunk in action off Savo Island on the 9th of August 1942.


HMAS CANBERRA (2) FFG-02 from the 21st of March 1981 until Decomissioning on the 12th of November 2005.


HMAS Canberra (3) LHD-02 from Commissioning on the 23rd of November 2014.



HMAS Canberra Crews



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Commanding Officers

Fifteen Commanding Officer served in HMAS Canberra from 1981 until 2005, many went on to have very successful careers within the Royal Australian Navy and in Civilian life...More

Roger Boyce pictured here during Operation Sutton in HMAS Canberra during a Replenishment at Sea, he was the Commanding Officer of HMAS Canberra 2000-2002... More


Placeholder ImageCommissioning Crew: 1980-1982

HMAS Canberra Commissioning Crew were posted to HMAS Waratha in the USA prior to the ships Commissioning to undertake Training with the United States Navy. The ship Commissioned in Seattle Washington and was based Longbeach Naval Station in California, Pictured are ABUC Alan Webb and LSRP Steve Burrows the on watch Gangway staff just after Commissioning... More


Placeholder ImageOperational Crew: 1983-2004

Thousands of Officers, Senior Sailors and Sailors served in HMAS Canberra during the ships lifetime, many went back to serve in the ship on more than one occasion. The ship was involved in the following Operations, Brancard,Cranberry, Damask,Relex 2, Sutton, Slipper and Trek, She played a pivotal role during the Australian Bicentennial Celebrations in 1988...More




Placeholder ImageDecommissioning Crew: 2005

The Decommissioning Crew had a very busy year in 2005 spending much time away from their Home Port at Fleet Base West in Western Australia whilst deployed in South East Asia. The ship also had a final deployment in Australian Waters prior to the Decommissioning in November. Chief Petty Officer David Smit is pictured here with the Australian Prime Minister Mr John Howard...More



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