HMAS Canberra

This site is dedicated to all Royal Australian Navy and Australian Defence Force personnel who have served in HMAS CANBERRA.


HMAS CANBERRA (1) D 33 from the 9th of July 1928 until she was sunk in action off Savo Island on the 9th of August 1942.


HMAS CANBERRA (2) FFG-02 from the 21st of March 1981 until Decomissioning on the 12th of November 2005.


HMAS Canberra (3) LHD-02 from Commissioning on the 23rd of November 2014.



HMAS CANBERRA (2) - Operational Crew


LSRPAC Michael Henderson as Quartermaster on the wheel of HMAS Canberra - 1983



Commanding Officer

Executive Officer       
LCDR Les Libberson RAN

Seaman Officers

LEUT Adrian Kops RAN
LEUT John Peade RAN
LEUT G. KEBE         
SBLT Andrew Belton
SBLT D.P. Harell     
SBLT J. O'Hagan
Medical Officer
LEUT H. Prochazka RAN



CPOCOX Peter Brown  
CPOQMG "Rocky" Rose
POMED4(DS) P. Laidler          
LSCOX Lance McDermott
LSPT Clarke            
LSSE C.D. Whittington
ABMEDO Colin Webster
ABPHOT Keith Cole

Action Information

LEUT Les Pataky RAN  
CPORP James.W Meredith
PORP James O'Conner         
LSRPAC Mike Henderson
LSRP Adrian P. Grimwade      
LSRPAC Paul Cross
LSRP Sean J. Cox              
LSRP John W. Findlay
LSRP Steve .F. Burrows         
ABRP Ian L. Thomas              
ABRP Dale Stubberfield
ABRP Tim.M. Winterton          
SMNRP Craig Britain
SMNRP M. Crawford          
SMNRP Allister Daish
SMNRP Paul Haines
SMNRP Pollard
SMNRP Trevor Rowe             
SMNRP Adrian Haigh


LEUT C. White RAN  
LSMET Reynolds


LEUT Ely Kincaid USN    LEUT John Peade RAN
CPOFC Harmsworth      LSFC Andrew J Fitzgerald
LSFC Ray .D. MacLean           ABFC Kevin Purkiss
POQMG McKay      ABQMG Bent
LSQMG Andy Siggs+        SMNQMG Max Evans
SMNQMG Edward Pavy SMNQMG Michael Grange
SMNQMG Tim Richardson SMNQMG Mark Retford
SMNQMG Brett Anderson    SMNQMG Jerry Croxon
SMNQMG Beau Hardy SMNQMG Warren Mirtschin
ABAVN C. Arthur  


POCD S. Lazdryzac ABCD C.W Martin


LCDR D.S. Pert RAN         POUC Alan Hughes
LSUC Alan J. Webb         LSUC Gavin J. Dawe
LSUC Michael J. Martin        ABUC David. Kerwin
ABUC Phil J. McDonald      ABUC Griffiths
ABUC Greg Hynds  


LCDR G. Walpole RAN POSY J. McConnell
LSSIG Andy Finch       LSSIG Peter Dopson
LSSIG Jim Phillips    ABSIG Grant Pilgrim
ABSIG David Reid      ABSIG Dave May
SMNSIG Paul Lane    SMNSIG M. Stevenson
PORS Barry Dau        LSRO Trevor R. Smart
LSRO Wilson      LSRO Harry H. O'Hare
ABRO Jim Pickering   ABRO Peter Tubb
ABRO Gavin Webber  
PORSEW Wayne Burnett   LSROEW Kym .L. Parry 
ABROEW Peter .W. Robertson     ABROEW David Lowes
ABROEW Greg Hill  


LCDR P. Gregory RAN  WOMTP4 Max. Berger
CPOMTP4 D. Guy CPOMTP4 Norm Worrall
CPOMTP3 Frank .S. Ockwell    POMTP3 S.C. Bedford
POMTP3 Haase    POMTP3 P.E. Johnson
LSMTP Baulch LSMTP David Illingworth
ABMTP Bennett   ABMTP Jarvis
ABMTP1 David .A. Horton         ABMTP1 L.J. Manning
ABMTP Pevitt ABMTP Schultz
ABMTP Owens  


CPOETP4 Allan.S. Ferrari      CPOETP4 David Fancourt
CPOETP4 J. White     LSETP3 M.J. Dilizi
LSETP Steve. Ashby  LSETP3 G.A. Kellond
LSETP2 Steve Gurton LSETP R.A. Wilkins
ABETP S. Greer   ABETP1 D.P. Chilton
ABETP1 R.G. Dixon        ABETP S. Vasey


CPOMTH4 G. Schluter POMTH3 Robert .C. Hanigan
LSMTH1 Mick .K. Heckley        ABMTH Richards
ABMTH Norman ABMTH Roach


LCDR R.S. Pritchard RAN      CPOSN R.C. Callaghan
LSSN M. Gurr POSV Brian Brookes
ABSN G.F. Coulthard ABSN B.J. Dan
LSSV Mick .R. Hore               ABSV B.J. Kitson
POWTR T. Smith Warren LSWTR M. Chee
ABWTR D. Haley   POCK G.D. Hobden
POCK Hartigan LSCK Ferguson
ABCK N. Pandpoulos ABCK Shepard
ABCK Wright ABCK Williams     
POSTD Woods  LSSTD Peter .B. Brooke
LSSTD T. Bissell ABSTD Chris Deal
ABSTD A.J. Cliff     ABSTD Greg Earle
ABSTD G.L. Dunbar        ABSTD Piper
ABSN James SMNWTR M. Cross

Weapons Electrical

LCDR I. Croser RAN    LEUT M. Davis RAN
CPOETS P.K. Aldenhoven       CPOETS4 Ray Stenhouse
POETS3 Errol.J. Bird              POETS3 Neil.R. Garvin
LSETS3 Mark .A. Sheldrick   LSETS3 Edwards
ABETS  G. Everton        ABETS Gavlik
ABETS Huggard CPOETS3 Keith Crampton
POETS3 Robert. Wyness     LSETS A. Ashlin
LSETS G.T. Roy    ABETS Greg. Krause
LSETS Steve. Griggs       LSETS3 Marty.J. Dibden
LSETS Zache POETW3 Stuart .A. Holm   
SMNETW Hill POETW Phil .J. Kossatz
CPOETW4 Alan Hall          SMNETW Bendsten          
LSETW Robertson     CPOETC3 R.S. Mays
LSETW3 C.J. Wakefield POETC3 D.J. Willsher
SMNETW Brown LSETC2 N.J. Knight       
CPOETC4 D. Williams  ABETS B. Young
ABETS Chris Speed        SMNETS M. Grigg

NB: This List was adapted from the HMAS CANBERRA 1983 North West Indian Ocean Deployment Book. 

The Cruise book is not very accurate, please let me know if the names etc are incorrect


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