HMAS Canberra

This site is dedicated to all Royal Australian Navy and Australian Defence Force personnel who have served in HMAS CANBERRA.


HMAS CANBERRA (1) D 33 from the 9th of July 1928 until she was sunk in action off Savo Island on the 9th of August 1942.


HMAS CANBERRA (2) FFG-02 from the 21st of March 1981 until Decomissioning on the 12th of November 2005.


HMAS Canberra (3) LHD-02 from Commissioning on the 23rd of November 2014.



3 Mess Nominal List

LSUC" Benny" Bensemann  
ABRP Trevor Kease
LSRP Matt Berry        
ABQMG Steve King
LSRP Brian Brennan     
ABRP Tony Mahaffey
LSRPAC Scott Christie        
ABRO McLeery
LSPT Tony Cocks         
ABSIG Mulhall
LSQMG Hector Crawford             
ABSIG Steve Murphy
LSRP Dale Dalgliesh         
ABRP Brett Ransome
LSRO Michael Doncaster         
ABRP Eric Russ
LSFC Pat Gillian
ABQMG Milko Seguin
LSSIG Gunther Glaessner +             
ABATA Frank Siska
LSSIG Laurie Haines ABUC Frank Spencer
LSMET Brendan Jackson ABRP Billy Squires
LSROEW Glen Keesing ABSIG Stewart
LSFC Steve Kennealy ABRP Bevan Taylor
LSFC Ray MacLean ABROEW Rick Wakefield
LSUC Phillip McDonald ABSIG Walker
LSSIG "Gooz" Oborn ABRO Gavin Webber
LSUC John Palmer ABQMG Wilson
LSCD Peter Price SMNSIG Jimmy Barnes
LSRP John Richardson SMNRP Scott Beverly
LSROEW Peter Robinson SMNQMG Currie
LSSIG "Scotty" Roberts SMNQMG Cuthbert
LSFC Don Tallon SMNRP Damien Devine
LSRP Les Tennent SMNGD Martin Evans
LSRP Lee Webster SMNQMG Scott Gage
LSRO "Pommie" Wilde SMNGD Mark May
ABFC David Bailey SMNQMG McFarlane
ABQMG Ray Beasey SMNQMG Moucka
ABROEW James Bond SMNGD Troy Reynolds
ABRO Daniel Chambers SMNQMG Sim
ABQMG Darryl Clack SMNQMG Smith
ABQMG Mark Cooper SMNGD Smolaga
ABROEW Cripps SMNQMG Mark Starsevic
ABRP Ray Debono SMNQMG Craig Stevens
ABQMG Stuart Dollimore SMNQMG Swanson
ABRP Wade Green SMNSIG JohnThiele
ABUC Stuart Hainsworth SMNUC Guy Walker
ABRP Brian Hill LSATA Nick Sverdloff
ABUC Sean Huxtable LSRO Rod Donaldson


NB: This nominal list was adapted from the HMAS CANBERRA 3 Mess Commemorative Port Bottle and may not be very accurate, other personnel who were TOP JACKS may also not be listed.

Please let me know if any names are incorrect or if you are not included on the nominal list and I will add you at email:

+ Denotes the passing of a Crew Member

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