HMAS Canberra

This site is dedicated to all Royal Australian Navy and Australian Defence Force personnel who have served in HMAS CANBERRA.


HMAS CANBERRA (1) D 33 from the 9th of July 1928 until she was sunk in action off Savo Island on the 9th of August 1942.


HMAS CANBERRA (2) FFG-02 from the 21st of March 1981 until Decomissioning on the 12th of November 2005.


HMAS Canberra (3) LHD-02 from Commissioning on the 23rd of November 2014.




Current Videos

02 News Review 1993

The HMAS Canberra News Review was produced in the Ship during the 1993 Deployment. Run time 40 Mins

2002 Deployment

2002 Cruise video. Compiled by Jimmy Barwick, features HMAS Canberra in the Gulf in 2002  Run time 2 Min 15 Secs

Antiflash Man

Features Antiflash Man of HMAS Canberra in the Gulf in 2002  Run time 2 Min 15 Secs

Ship at Sea

HMAS Canberra crashing through a bow wave (Greenie) viewed from the Bridge  Run time 12 Secs

2003 Ships Ball
Video created by a member of the crew for the Ships Ball in 2003, it looks at HMAS Canberra activities in 2003, Run time 5 mins 12 Secs
Helicopter Operation
Defence video, Helicopters taking off, landing and fast roping practice in difficult sea state on HMAS Canberra, Run time 1min 36 Secs
Final 76 mm Gun Firing
Ships video of final 76 mm Gun firing, loading and firing of the 76 mm Gun in 2005. Run time 4 Mins 54 Secs
Replishment at Sea
Defence Video HMAS Success and HMAS Canberra conducting Replishment at Sea activities, Run time 1 Min 36 Secs
2001 Reunion of the HMAS Canberra Commissioning Crew
Video created by Phillip "Mac" McDonald of the 2001 Commissioning Crew Reunion conducted in HMAS Canberra to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the ships commissioning in 2001, Run time 4 Mins 41 Secs
Pride of the Fleet Video
A Navy commercial featuring the HMAS Canberra Crew in 1986, Run time 53 Secs
Final Searide
Video created by Lee Webster of the final Searide from Fleet Base West to Fremantle for the Commissioning Crew and members of the Decommissioning Crew Family taken on the 05 Nov 2005. Run time 12 Mins 20 Secs
Decommission Ceremony
Video created by Lee Webster of the Decommissioning Ceremony 12 November 2005, Run time 3 Mins
HMAS Canberra Scuttling
Channel 7 News report on the scuttling of the ex HMAS Canberra off Ocean Grove,
© Channel 7 News, Runtime 1 Min 38 Secs
HMAS Canberra Scuttling

ex HMAS Canberra sinking from the air. © 2009 ABC News Run time 1 Min 27 Secs

HMAS Canberra Missile Firing

Video created by a unknown member of the Ships Company Run time 1 Min 40 Secs

HMAS Canberra Diving Video - 2009

A dive on the ex-HMAS Canberra on 28 December 2009, about 6 weeks after it was scuttled. Taken by Matthew Joordens   Run time 10 Min 37 Secs

HMAS Canberra Diving Video - 2010

A dive on the ex-HMAS Canberra on 22 June 2010, about 8 months after the ship was scuttled. Taken by Matt Krumins   Run time 3 Min 37 Secs

LHD Juan Carlos 1

Video Taken during Sea Trials of the new LHD Juan Carlos in Spain, the new Canberra Class is based on this design. Run time 4 Min 43 Secs

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